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50 Most Powerful Physician Execs Includes PAMF’s Paul Tang, M.D.

Paul Tang, M.D., M.S., vice president and chief medical information officer at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), was voted as one of the 50 most powerful physician executives in health care by readers of Modern Physician and Modern Healthcare magazines. Dr. Tang was ranked 11th in an impressive line up of health care industry leaders. This is the fourth time that Dr. Tang has been voted to the list, and the highest he has ever placed.

Dr. Tang is vice chair of the Health IT Policy Committee, a Federal Advisory Committee created by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The HIT Policy Committee makes recommendations to the US Health and Human Services about policies involving the adoption and effective use of health information technology to improve the health of Americans.

In an interview with Modern Healthcare about the $27 billion Medicare/Medicaid incentive for “meaningful use” of health information technology published today, Dr. Tang noted that, “The meaningful-use framework was designed to align U.S. resources to focus on national health priorities. Although many may say the timeline is fast—and it is—the real deadline is not the 2014 statutory deadline in the Recovery Act, it is the 2017 Medicare trust fund insolvency deadline. Now is the time to build the necessary infrastructure needed to reform the health system—before it’s too late.”

“We also have an urgent need to prepare because 2011 marks the start of the ‘age tsunami,’ when the first round of baby boomers becomes Medicare-eligible. This demographic could completely overwhelm the programs we currently have in place. I believe the solution lies with effective use of integrated personal health records that empower patients and families to manage their own health, and to become a member of their own health team,” he said.

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