Orthopedics & Podiatry

Same-Day Orthopedics Acute Care Clinic Opens

Pain on Sunday. Call us on Monday.

Because injuries that cause pain and swelling often occur over the weekend when people are more active, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Orthopedics Department has created a Monday Acute Care Clinic to offer its hard-playing patients special Monday appointments. Patients can now call 650-934-7111 by noon on Mondays to receive a same-day appointment at the Mountain View Center.

The Monday Acute Care Clinic is for patients between the ages of 15 and 55 who are experiencing pain and swelling due to injuries. Conditions treated include soft tissue injuries, ligament tears, and knee and shoulder pain.

“When it comes to sprains, strains and tears, we understand that waiting several days for an appointment can be frustrating,” said Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Doctor Kevin Murray, M.D. “With this new clinic, we have set time aside at the Mountain View Center to evaluate and treat these injuries as quickly as possible. We encourage anyone with a new injury to call us and arrange to see a Sports Medicine specialist as soon as possible for a same-day appointment.” Read More