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10,000 Flu Vaccines Administered in One Week after Walk-in Clinics Re-start

pamf 0152014 Flu Season Media Update 

Since the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) restarted its walk-in flu vaccine clinics for patients at selected PAMF locations, on January 14, 2014, PAMF medical staff has administered more than 10,000 vaccines. This is in addition to the 104,400 vaccines that had already been administered to PAMF patients at walk-in flu clinics between September and December 2013. (These figures do not include the vaccines given during patients’ regular doctor’s appointments.)

The community’s increased demand for the vaccine in recent weeks is likely caused by news reports of deaths in the Bay Area due to the H1N1 flu virus, commonly known as the swine flu. 

Charles Weiss, M.D., MPH, head of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Flu and Infectious Diseases Committees, reports that PAMF medical centers have seen a steady, moderately elevated level of flu incidence for the last month. 

“State indicators are mixed. In some areas, cases are still trending up, and in others cases are leveling off. Even if there is a leveling off, flu epidemics last an average of eight weeks so we can expect continued H1N1 activity and may see an increase in cases of other flu strains,” Dr. Weiss said. 

PAMF’s Urgent Care Centers saw increases in cases in late December and cases have remained elevated thus far in January.  

“Now and in the future, the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against influenza is to get vaccinated each year,” Dr. Weiss recommends.

The walk-in flu vaccine clinics for PAMF patients will continue at selected PAMF locations as demand for vaccinations or vaccine supply lasts. The primary strain circulating (H1N1) is covered by the vaccine. PAMF’s flu vaccine clinic hours and locations are online at

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