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HMR Program Ranked Among Best Diets in the U.S.

Weight Loss Program Offered at PAMF Gets Long-Term Results

The magazine U.S. News & World Report evaluated 38 of the most popular diets and weight loss programs and, in January 2016, announced their ranking according to weight loss, and health and fitness goals.

The HMR® (Health Management Resources) Program tied for first place with the Biggest Loser for best fast weight-loss diet, and came in second only to Weight Watchers for the best weight loss diet in the nation.

About 200 U.S. hospitals and medical facilities offer the HMR Program; the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) is the only medical provider in Northern California to offer it.

As manager of the HMR Program at PAMF, Karen Ledesma has worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their goal weight using the HMR Program.

“My patients start the program wanting to lose anywhere from 30 to 230 pounds,” Ledesma said. “Their results have been life-changing.”

Watch PAMF’s HMR Program participants share their stories

Patients featured in the testimonial video have lost – and kept off – considerable weight:

  • Lauri Diehl lost 180 pounds and has kept it off for 16 months
  • Ken Misin lost 130 pounds and has kept it off for 5 years
  • Mari Roberts lost 122 pounds and has kept it off for 2 months, and her husband John Roberts lost 80 pounds and has kept it off for nearly a year

The HMR® Weight Management Program helps adults lose weight and keep it off by reducing calorie intake with meal replacements supplemented with fruits and vegetables. There is also a supportive educational program to teach healthy lifestyle strategies and encourage increased physical activity and personal accountability. After the weight loss, participants are encouraged to attend maintenance classes to ensure continued success.

“I tell people that many diets may help you lose weight, but people who change their lifestyle through the HMR Program maintain significant weight loss,” Ledesma said. “They enjoy life more because they can do all of the things they want, unimpeded and inspired.”

For more information about the HMR Program at PAMF, visit the website or call 650-404-8260.